The Next Step Forward

Hey cell phone enthusiasts! Here we are again to deliver more ways you can achieve the ultimate satisfaction, a perfect operating phone and/or mobile device. Many of you in the Quad City area know about the amazing computer repair company: PC Simplicity.

PC Simplicity and SiR Tek have teamed up to take care of all your technology problems left and right. You could say we are like heroes fighting off pesky problems our devices can come up with. This means you can now stop by the PCS storefront and drop off your phone, then we at SiR Tek will come to PC Simplicity and work our magic. The same magic that has made us one of the top competitors in phone and mobile device repair in the Prescott area. This provides you with another option for your ever so engaged schedule. It gives you a storefront to bring your device to. While maintaining our 100% customer satisfaction standard that has been proven through both companies.

PC Simplicity has been a giant force in the area for computer problems and for a good reason. They pride themselves in their work and customer satisfaction. They have battled the mobile device repair situation for some time now due to there always being “better competition”. Now with the help of SiR Tek, that changes today!

If you would like to check out PC Simplicity, here is their information:


Number: 928-515-3799

Medias: Facebook, Twitter