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a little bit about us.

At SiR Tek We specialize in iPhone repair, iPad repair and other cell phone repair in a Streamlined fashion. We are a Mobile Service. Meaning, We Come To You to fix your device! Our focus is on iPhone screen repair. We also specialize in replacing batteries. If you have an iPhone or an iPad we can get your device fixed on the same day in most cases and we come to your place of business or home to get the work done. So if you are in need of a little rehab, give us a Call Today, You Will Not Be Disappointed!


about the owner.

Sir Lee – Owner – Operator

Now that you know a little bit about the business, you should get to know me. I have been a local of Prescott, AZ for 15 years, and I have worked in a local phone repair shop for over five years. I loved the phone repair work that I was doing, that I wanted to start my own phone repair business. But a little different than most other phone repair companies… we come to you. I always got complaints about people having to take time out of their ever so busy schedule to drive miles upon miles to get to the repair shop, wait for their phone or device to be repaired, return to work only to come back to the shop to pick up their phone. This process could sometimes take hours. So I thought,

“What if there was a phone repair service that went To The Customer?” This opens up your schedule and gives you less errands to run during your busy day. And you go about your day unbothered.”

we come to you.

“I just really wanted to create a service that was totally simple.”

Fast forward a couple months and a lot of planning, here we are. SiR Tek is fully operational and customers are happy.

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