Do You Have A “Bad Apple” In Your iPhone?

There has been some circulating news going around. The news being: Apple has been using software updates to deplete battery life, in order to make you upgrade to newer models. Right now there is a lot of controversy on whether they are in fact doing so or not. It’s not our place, at SiR Tek, to give you our critical opinion, but we can share some science behind it.

Every rechargeable battery out there slowly loses life as they chemically age, and their ability to keep a charge diminishes. How does this happen? Each time you charge the battery, the chemical energy in it lessens. Don’t worry though, you wont notice it right away, you might not ever notice a change in the batteries optimized life. Leaving your phone in overly hot conditions can cause a battery to age faster. Even device use, can affect the performance as well. Ever had your device, that you’ve had for a while, just randomly shut down on you? This is because the battery slowly delivers less energy, especially when the phone is on a low charge, which will result in spikes. For example, the phone could say 25% and then shut off a minute later.

Now what is there to say about software updates? As new software is downloaded to our phones, the battery can have a tough time powering up-to-date software with its “out-of-date” hardware. This does not directly relate to companies programming it that way, it simply means the battery is not up to par. Apple has got a lot of “attention” in this regard for the simple fact that the battery can’t be taken about just by anyone, unlike other smartphones on the market.

We at SiR Tek think Apple is doing their best to combat the negative feedback by providing a service where you can change the battery in your old iPhone for a discounted price. Doing this can prove itself as a safety measure to prevent your battery from malfunctioning i.e. swelling, overheating and combustion or exploding. This would simultaneously extend your life expectancy of your iPhone. If you want more information on this particular topic, click here.

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We will leave you with one final thought:

If in fact Apple has been throttling performance for safety reasons, are other companies doing the same?